Hello my name is Marilyn Read and I’m a Holistic Health Consultant and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I’ve been practising within the field of “Energy Medicine” for 30 years. My passion is helping people to understand that change can happen in a heartbeat and using the most effective therapies can release them from limiting life situations and to cultivate the skills set to live the life you desire, enhancing your productivity and personal effectiveness in everything you do.

Lack of self esteem can be crippling and may completely consume our lives with irrational thoughts. Teaching people that “You are Enough” can have profound results. I show you that given the correct treatment and support a healthy quality of life can be achieved. Each of my clients receives a personalised Daily Energy Routine.

I have worked with hundreds of clients to overcome health issues and change their lives for the better. One young boy sent me his Meccano “Wizard” figure as a thank you for helping his mum overcome a debilitating skin condition; and now I’m known as Magic Marilyn!

On the website, you will find information on the many therapies I offer. However, please be aware that a solution does not lie within one therapy, therefore I may offer you a selection of blended therapies to achieve optimum results for you.

Over the years I have travelled around the World and it has been my pleasure to train with many of the leaders in their field such as:

Tony Robbins, Steve Wells, Carol Look, Donna Eden, Steve Brookes, Dr. David Lake, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, Dr, John Demartini, Marie Diamond, Richard Knight, Ali Cambell, and most recently Marisa Peer… all towards formulating the most effective skill set to bring to my clients… and now I would love to offer my expertise to you.

Call me on 07950 054 632 for your no obligation FREE consultation.